About Us

I am someone who feels strongly about connecting this brand with the people. I want it to have meaning and evoke emotion to then create lasting change. What an honor it'd be to be a vessel in order for people to come out better. Ultimately it will be your work, but being able to provide the resources for the reminder brings me joy!

Growing up I avoided all mirrors I didn’t want to seem conceded and didn’t feel “enough”. And when I did look in the mirror I felt shame or guilty for looking at myself and it lead to more criticizing and mentally attacking myself. 

I then became a big believer in mindset, affirmations and manifestations especially when it comes to ourself. It changed how I saw myself and my internal dialogue and I finally was able to start loving what I saw, me.

This brand was made with YOU and especially you in mind. Let this be your personal reminder of why you are great.

Let this be a reason for you to look in the mirror and love what you see. (Its okay if you don’t yet) Let’s work toward accepting and embracing ourselves.

For the goal of Self love as the word implies starts with us “self” 


This is for all those years you constantly criticized yourself. 
For all those years you felt unworthy. 
For all those years you felt as if you were enough.
We are here to tell you, you are enough, you are worthy, you are loved.
It’s impossible to go back in time. However, it is possible to start loving yourself now. It just takes small steps each day. Let’s learn to love ourselves together.
Small action steps you can start taking today is to repeat the following affirmations to yourself throughout the day 

It may feel weird at first, it was weird for us when we first started too, but we promise it gets easier with time and practice. Say it loudly and confidently. Day by day you will be closer to feeling you.


Thank you for being here.
Let’s be better together.

Xoxo, Natalia